New Single Origin of the Month – Mexican High Grown

January 18, 2016 | News | 0 comments | Author:

REGION: Chiapas
PRODUCER: Various small holder farmers
VARIETY: Catimor
PROCESSING: Fully Washed
ALTITUDE: Approximately 900 – 1200 MASL
HARVEST: December – April
CLIMATE/SOILS: Tropical to sub humid, shallow but nutrient rich soils
Flavour: Chocolate
Aroma: Floral
Body: Punchy and full
Acidity: Medium
CUPPING: Chocolate and nut notessweet, well rounded and smooth.
Chiapas is the most southern state of Mexico, bordering Guatemala. Coffee is the state’s most important cash crop first introduced in 1846 by Jeronimo Manchinelli with 1,500 seedlings from Guatemala. Today coffee production ranges from large plantations to small farmers and the region is Mexico’s second largest agricultural producer. The high altitude, good rainfall and soil types give the coffee its particular chocolate and nutty characteristics. European Preparation or EP refers to the grade of coffee, acceptable beans size and quality.