New Single Origin of the Month – Indian Peaberry

October 29, 2014 | News | 0 comments | Author:

This green bean is from a collection of 8 different lush natural shade grown Estates.
Ripe cherries are identified and the Arabica Peaberry adds strength of flavour to a blend and contributes to more complexity and depth in the cup.
Hand-picked to avoid damage to the fruit, fermented, washed and dried for the right number of hours appropriate to the elevation and humidity of each estate.
Producing Region: South India (Coorg, Hassan and Chikmanglur)
Estate: TATA
Altitude: 1100-2600 ft.

Tasting Notes: A fine Arabica rich in aroma, with medium to high body, medium acidity with a hint of chocolate and delicate praline characters found, ending with a clean finish.