New Single Origin of the Month – FT Organic Indonesia Gayo

November 4, 2016 | Blog | 0 comments | Author:

Country: Sumatra, Indonesia
Region: North Sumatra Provinc
Altitude: 1600 -2000 masl
Screen Size / Grade: SCR 16/18
Bean Appearance: Deep bluish green
Acidity :Mild to medium, sweet Body Medium to bold Flavour Earthy, sweet and smooth, some herbal and chocolate notes Roast Medium-dark Bag Size 60Kg
Harvest Period: All year picking due to the unpredictable nature of the weather Mandheling is the common name for Sumatran Arabica. Sumatran coffee is unique in cup and physical preparation Harvest carries on throughout the year, little by little as the seasons are not regular. The green processing is also unique, after the cherries are picked they are pulped and then left to ferment in a sack overnight or until the next clear weather day when they will be partly dried and then hulled in the still particularly wet parchment. This processing technique is locally called ‘giling basah’.There are a number of different varieties grown in Sumatra, Timor or TimTim, Catimor and Caturra cultivars and a number of other local varietals have developed. The soil is volcanic andrich in nutrients that contribute to the unique flavours of Mandheling coffee.